journal quilt

Journal quilt for this week 42/52 (I cannot believe there's only 10 weeks left in 2007, how time flies!) is obviously inspired by the season. I am not sure how exactly that happened, maybe it's just that fall has finally arrived?I used a piece of perforated paper that had originally been used to wrap something for shipping, I sandwiched it between red tulle, free-hand machine embroidered it and rubbed with shiva paintstiks®. That became the red leaf. I painted a dryer sheet, laid it over a gold chocolate wrapper and stitched some more over that. Then put batting underneath, added two organza leaves and outline stitched all three leaves. That was fun...

To my astonishment, I have been tagged by the venerable Thelma Smith! and so early in my blogging career.... I am very honored, thank you.

So here are 7 random facts about myself:

1. I was born in Leningrad, USSR, which is now once again known as St. Petersburg, Russia
2. I am a scout.
3. I love dogs, and will own one again someday soon hopefully
4. I like to cook fancy meals for special occasions, it's the everyday meals that I struggle with at times
5. I once attempted to drive limos for extra cash, talk about misery...
6. I dressed Al Pacino
7. and drum roll please.... I have always wanted to be an artist!

OK, now here's the hard part, where I tag seven others. I am so new at this, so I hope I am not offending anyone, but I decided to tag people who's blogs I look forward to checking almost everyday.

Jane Davila, Kristin La Flamme, Tracy Helgeson, Melody Johnson, Deb Richardson, Virginia Spiegel, Elin Waterston

Thank you ladies, if you would like to participate!