40 and getting into the Christmas spirit

This weekend we got our Christmas tree, hopefully we picked a good one that will last long. Christmas lasts a long time around our house, we celebrate it it twice actually. Once on December 25th and then on January 7th. The Russian Orthodox Church calendar follows the old Julian calendar, so we're 13 days behind all the other Christians.. and our tree has to last till after the 7th.. Traditionally it should stay up until January 19th, the Teophany(Baptism) of our Lord, but usually ours is quite crispy way before, so we get it down much sooner than that. This Saturday we decorated the house while the tree thawed and Sunday was the perfect day to decorate the tree since it was so nasty outside.And today I am celebrating my 40th birthday! I've been looking forward to my 40's as many people have told me that it's the best decade... I cannot wait to see what it brings!