first journal of 2008

I've spent quite a bit of time thinking about how I want to approach my journaling in 2008.
Here's what I decided on:
~keeping the size small, even smaller than last year, 4"x4"
~attempting to use more recycled material that is not strictly fabric
~attempting have more texture in every piece
~using text
~continuing to work in an abstract mode
~trying to work in small series every month
Now I don't know if every piece I do will reflect the above statements, probably not, but that will be what I strive for..

So here is 1{52} my first journal quilt of the year. It is a scrap of upholstery fabric on which I have bits and pieces of painted tissue paper, letter stamps, a foil from inside of a potato chip bag. It is all stitched down with thick silk thread and stamped in commercial alphabet stamps ~ live... I am not sure that I am a 100% happy with this result but it is a start and I am going with it...