work in progress

I am finally getting some art done around here. Christmas stuff is nearly all put away, kitchen mostly cleaned up, the girls have been playing together without any major skirmishes and I sneaked into my studio and actually got started on some things. I have been looking at the collages that have already been done by various artists for Collage Mania II at FiberArt For A Cause, and my hands started itching to work on my promised collages. And I want to get my hands on one of Virginia's ATCs too, I am selfish..

So after some floundering and eating chocolate, I picked out some inspiring images, threw some scraps on the table and started putting things together... These are pictures I took of ironwork on various monuments in Moscow this summer. This is only the beginning of course, these will change drastically by the time I am done here. I layered fabric scraps for a color base and today during naptime I intend to start the free-hand machine embroidery, followed by hand stitching.