the design process

I thought I'd show how some of my artwork evolves in today's post.

I have reached a hand stitching stage with the four little pieces that got started last week and since I usually do that in the evening while hanging out with my husband, I have put them aside and started something else.
Last May while I was busy stitching Деревня/Derevnya/Russian Fairytale Village II, I did a sketch for number three. It just kind of came to me while I was working, so I quickly sketched and kept going with whatever I was doing at the moment. I had been thinking about it intermittently since then, in between projects, and now I finally have gotten to actually do something about it.

Looking at my sketch, I started layering pieces of sheers on the black design wall. I have decided on a heavy weight silk organza, silk chiffon, synthetic organza and dryer sheets. I worked on laying out the background, playing with different layering effects and composition, seeing what looks good to my eye.
Actually the picture you are seeing is a bit dated. Since it was taken I decided on the proper layout, and started fusing the pieces together, got the top done and ran out of Misty Fuse... Bummer... I was really keen on keeping going even though it was way past my bedtime... I don't usually get to work too much in my studio after the kids are in bed, that's when I like to spend time with my husband while doing hand stitching. His been away on a business trip so I've been cramming it all in... Oh well... Well at least you get a peek at my design process... Oh and when I do get more Misty Fuse and finish fusing this, I will start drawing and then see where that takes me, and I'll be back with that update...

By the way, in my humble opinion, Misty Fuse is much better for light weight chiffon then Wonder Under in case anyone is curious. Wonder Under is just fine for organza though... if you do my kind of stitching anyway...