opening, journal and blini

It been busy around here this weekend... First I'll share pictures of the opening at the Pen & Brush gallery. It was very well attended, pretty packed even at one point. What a beautiful Victorian mansion it is, a lovely space. The exhibit will stay up until March 30th, please stop by if in the neighborhood.Then Sunday was our last day to celebrate Масленица/Maslenitsa, otherwise known as Butterweek. Russian Orthodox Lent started today, and traditionally the week before Lent is a sort of a Mardi Gras. Basically you indulge in all sorts of buttery fattening food before starting lent, especially the traditional blini/pancakes with all sorts of things on them, such as eggs, caviar, smoked fish and sour cream. Lent for the hardcore folks means no meat, dairy, eggs or fish for seven weeks, so everyone gorges the week before... We had our own little family blini party last night and indulged... I am kind of proud of myself here, it's the first time I made blini all by myself! Usually my mother and I do it together, I make the accompaniments and she makes the blini, but since she's in NC, I did everything myself this time. A lot of work for just the four of us, but someone has got to uphold tradition...And I did manage to squeeze in making a journal ~ 10{52}bubbly is layers of painted vintage silk, dryer sheet, free-hand machine embroidered with variegated cotton thread. Can you find the "bubbly"?