two for one journals

Due to various life stuff I did not complete my journal from last week on time. But I have managed to catch up and now I have two journals to share 18{52}08 (above) and 19{52}08 (below). I made both of them using the same dye catcher sheet that was colored a bluish purple and a lime green embroidery thread. #19 also used a plastic orange shopping bag. They are just very simply hand stitched. It was a nice quiet meditative diversion to make these one after another among life's hustle and bustle last week... I am also happy to report that Collage Mania II and Fiberart For A Cause have raised over $13,000 for the American Cancer Society earlier in the week. And all three of my collages have been acquired and as of this morning are on their way to their new owners. Hope they will be enjoyed... and I am looking forward to receiving the collage that I have acquired soon too... fun, fun, fun... and now on to other fun of the day - my girls combined birthday parties in about an hour... I am sure to be exhausted this evening.. Good weekend to all!