work in progress

I bet that if you are reading this blog, it sort of feels like there hasn't been any art worked on in my life recently besides journals and baby blankets... Well sometimes it feels like that to me too. But it's not so! I have been working on (and still not finished) a secret project for Quilting Arts Magazine. It'll be a while before I can share this, sorry...

But I can share a tiny bit of a challenge piece that I have been working on. It's a challenge between my friend Vivien and I, where we give each other odd things and then see how well we can work them into an art quilt. The most recent challenge is bottle caps, don't look Vivien!
I also had the urge to work with the fabric I painted oh so long ago it seems. You may remember my Pinkalicious post? Well I finally started fooling around, not quite sure where I'm going with this. I've made a few sketches and now I am playing with the fabric, seeing where it takes me.. I have also finished my Derevnya/Russian Fairytale Village III piece, just need to put a label on it and put on my professional photographer hat and take pix. I am not sure yet if and where I might want to submit it, as in a juried show of some sort. So when I take a picture I'll share some details with you, but keep the full shot to myself for now. Then I need to get back to that baby blanket so I can finish it before the baby is born! Oh and then school is almost over and I have to start planning for our summer in Russia.. eeek!