art quilts at play

My friends Jane Davila and Elin Waterston have a new book coming out this January. It's the follow up to their other book - The Art Quilt Workbook. Now they show you how to play with all that you have learned. An array of wonderful artists was asked to play and create the art in this book and I am lucky to be one of them. Here's a little teaser below, that's one of my "home:house" art quilts, did they choose me for the right topic or what? Oh and I have given a teaser about this book before, long long time ago when I first completed all the art. Take a look at this post. I had said back then that I wanted to try more 3D work, well... I still want to.. and I will eventually... ahem.. Meanwhile go to Jane and Elin's blogs and order your advance copy now! Oh and the book release party will be on February 21st at the Country Quilter. PS: I lowered all prices in my Etsy store, come shop!