Journals 2008

Here's the last journal of 2008 - 52{52]... and here's the journal series of December below.. I must admit I am rather pleased with the colors and textures of December. And for everyone who is here because Jeanne Williamson (thanks Jeanne!) mentioned my journals on her blog - here are all the journals of 2008. You can click on them to see larger, or click on journal quilts in the label search thingie on the side bar to see all my journal blog posts. My goals for the journals in 2008 were:

~ keeping the journal size small, 4"x4"
~ attempting to use more recycled material that is not strictly fabric
~ attempting to have more texture in every piece
~ using text
~ continuing to work in the abstract mode
~ trying to work in a small series every month

I think I succeeded in everything except for using the text part. I gave up text pretty early in the game, by April I was all out of words. What did I learn? Well.. basically that text in art is just not my game... and now moving on. The journal keeping was a great exercise, but like Jeanne, I will not be doing weekly journals in 2009. I made it through two years of weekly journals, I learned a lot about myself and my art making. I will be trying something different in 2009.. and that's a teaser... I'll talk about it in another post.