work in progress

Ahhh yes.. the long awaited WIP post.. despite my own concerns that it didn't look like I have been working on any art lately, I have proof that I actually have been.I have completed a special order for a friend of 7 окошечки/okoshechki/little windows and four necklaces. Those reached their destination yesterday, so I thought I would post two of my favorite ones above. I used scraps from my larger highly embellished pieces and various journals to create these little guys. Then I started work on some new pieces that have been percolating in my head for a while. I am printing on used dryer sheets, painting paper dryer sheets and combining them with synthetic organza and vintage linens. It's an experiment... lots hand stitching is involved at the moment, probably will have free-hand machine stitching too. I let you know how it turns out. Here are some details above and below to give a taste. And remember this girl? I am almost done quilting her figure, just one arm to go. She's been sitting by the sewing machine feeling lonely, so one night I just gave her a couple of hours. She's long way from being done though, much more stitching and stamping and embroidering is planned... and now she's back to sitting by the sewing machine feeling lonely, because I must return to Russian school Christmas play costumes. But first a dinner out with my family, because it's my birthday, we're going to our favorite local restaurant!