can you be in three places at once?

I wish I could be....
you are cordially invited to three concurrent exhibitions and opening receptions:

~ Annual Small Works Exhibit at The Upstream Gallery in Dobb
s Ferry, New York
January 8th to February 1st, 2009
Opening reception on Sunday, January 11th from 2PM till 5PM

I have two pieces in this show, Piterskoie Okno/St. Pete Window #3 and Piterskoie Okno/St.Pete Window #6

~ Fiber Revolution at the Academy of Music in Spotswood, New Jersey
January 11th to March 24th, 2009
Opening reception on Sunday, January 11th from 1PM till 3PM

My first piece in the Fairytale series is here, Derevnya/Russian Fairytale Village, accompanied by three postcard sized Okoshechki/Little Windows

~ The 8th Annual Art Inter/National.. here and abroad at the Box Heart Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA
January 6th to January 31st, 2009

Opening reception Saturday, January 10th from 5PM to 8PM

Two abstract works,
Zabava/Amusement and Zabava/ Amusement 2 are at this gallery.

Thank you all for encouraging the arts!