journal sketches

Here are my first four sketches in the aforementioned red sketch book. 1-01-09 1-02-09 1-03-09 1-04-09

I have been doing a sort of intuitive flow sketching, you know just plain doodles... there's still so much going on here: Russian Orthodox Christmas on Wednesday (yep last minute shopping!), Russian school play costumes (yep last minute sewing!), art to send out, art to complete, kids back to school, family to feed... nothing new but my head feels like blowing up so I need to keep these first journal tryouts simple, thus plain doodling. Ahhh, I just love making up my own rules!

Oh and here's the sketch book itself. Here's how it started (I picked it on sale at Anthropologie at least two years ago)
and here's what I did to it before New Years. Red acrylic paint slathered on liberally...