journal sketches

More watercolors! I have a little set up on the corner of my work table with my water color set that I've had for probably 35 years (it's from my school days in the USSR) and some brushes and a cup for water. And it's sooo easy to just plop open my journal book and start swirling my brushes around... What you see here is my journal sketch for today in progress, I'll post a picture of it done with the next batch of photos. And here's the last few days... 1-19-09 1-20-09 (I was feeling rather patriotic that morning!) 1-21-09 1-22-09

I am almost done with the costumes for Russian school play, it's this Sunday, and I promise to post all that soon. But that will free me up a bit and I am thinking of switching to collage journaling and replacing my little set up with some papers and a bottle of gel medium..