journal sketches

..or just plain doodles I should say. Good thing I had pre-painted some pages or this would really be boring. No power of concentration was left for the journal pages this last few days, too much other thinking was going on. I had my Pigma pens and colored pencils with me and I just doodled. 1-30-09 sticking with the faces and adding the doodles...1-31-09 how's this for boring? 2-1-09 back to the faces...2-2-09 this one had meditative power behind it, one hour of dance class, as I was waiting for my daughter and chaos of other kids and mothers was swirling around me.2-3-09 this was the 45 minute dance class of the other daughter and chaos of mothers chatting loudly. Amazing what doodling will help me drown out sometimes. Maybe I'll make it a habit to bring this red book with me during the dance classes and just doodle until my wrist hurts?