playing with paper

I finally got to do collages in my red sketchbook! It's been so much fun, mostly because it's been a very long time since I've played with papers and glue only. I ripped out pages from one of my old National Geographics (that I can't give away) and shredded them to pieces so to speak.2-4-09 Things started pretty simply here, I focused on the eyes, layered with pattern tissue paper and added color pencil when all was dry.2-5-09 Same simple layering here focusing on the forest through the trees... and sparkly dark green tissue paper.2-6-09 I have no idea what this heavy purple paper like material is, it felt kind of like a heavy weight dryer sheet. It was cool to play with bright colors. 2-7-09 Patterning was the focus, not very successful, but success wasn't the goal here.2-8-09 This one was from today and really fun. I painted the background with watercolors and then glued on little "bricks". I've two different types of fur and another texture in the picture here, can you tell what they are?
I taking two days "off" from collages, doodle days are coming as we have dance classes that I want to sketch through... think I'll prep the pages with watercolor tonight.