the latest project

This is a piece I finished last week for the SDA member show. Barely had time to photograph and send out before leaving on a jet plane... and in my hurry forgot to take a picture of the back that I liked so much. Oh well, guess I'll do that when it comes back in September.

This is my first experiment with using my own photographs in such a way. I altered in Photoshop a picture of buildings that I took in St. Petersburg this summer and printed it on organza. I altered another photograph of wrought iron from St. Petersburg, printed it on TAP sheets and transferred it on top of the organza. Then I embroidered it with silk and cotton threads, added square patches of fabrics to the back to pop some colors and manipulated the edges to rough things up a bit. It was fun to work on and I was really inspired to use these images some more. I have another piece in the works already, well really two pieces... Gotta get in the studio!

PS watched an amazing movie last night Our City Dreams... a documentary on several women artists. I highly recommend watching it, inspirational.