an accidental experiment...

I have a confession to make... I have totally neglected my journal sketches since before Russian Easter. My excuse: not enough time in the day.... and that's how my accidental experiment came about.
I decided to catch up in one day, and lets just say that did not work. To keep track I thought I would glue in the daily calendar pages, ten days of them.
After the glue was dry I discovered that I glued in the wrong dates.. too late! Then I took out red acrylic paint and swirled it on to cover up the dates. Unless I layered it on very thickly it would not cover much up. So I had to do two pages at a time and let them dry for a while... grrr... the dates still show. That's when I took the zen approach. Deep breath or two, and some red thread. I figured I'd add some thread and stitch the pages. Just a plain running stitch in red cotton thread from one page to the other. After that was done, I glued the ends and a few other spots; and then took out a red pen and doodled a bit. In the end I am kind of happy with my accidental experiment, it looks kind of cool. Here are the results..