April Fool! and Collage Mania...

I met my husband on April Fools day fourteen years ago.... which one of us is a fool still has not been answered...

But on a more serious note - today is the deadline for Collage Mania, the final one! No April Fools here! Today is the deadline for submitting your Collage Mania 2009 jpegs to:

Karen at KarenStiehlOsborn.com

Do read over th
e guidelines carefully before submitting. Collage Mania is May 5 - 7 with a preview of ALL the collages beginning April 29.

Collages will be available May 5 for a minimum donation of $80 to the American Cancer Society and on May 6+7 for a minimum donation of $40. Of course, we encourage patrons to donate a bit more if they are able.

Our goal is $20,000 (or is it $27,000 to reach $200,000 total??) in three
days. This is the very last big FFAC event and I hope we can go out in a blaze of success!
Here is one of my collages: Питерское Окно/Piterskoie Okno/St. Pete Window 9. Have you sent in your collage yet?