textile infusion... ahhh...

We went to the Russian Museum of Ethnography a few days ago; it has an excellent permanent costume and textile collection. It also has interesting textile oriented temporary exhibits too. We got to see the Apron Exhibit and the Estonian Textile Artists Exhibit.
First some textiles from the permanent collection to show you: Russian linens, decorative towels Russian peasant costume Baltic bark, branch and linen weavings, I absolutely looove these! Ukrainian redwork embroidery on towels and aprons Russian headdress, jewelry and scarves.

The Apron Exhibit was quite extensive with all peoples of Russia well represented, unfortunately all of it was behind glass. I did not have much luck photographing it, here are two pictures that came out decent enough. I believe these were Byelorussian aprons and Russian redwork embroidery.

The Estonian Artists Exhibit was w
onderful and innovative. I was very happy to be able to see each artists name and title of the work next to it, including the main technique. My only complaint was that the space was not big and you could not step far enough back to really appreciate the bigger works, never mind taking a straight on picture… Then I had the hardest time choosing my favorites for your viewing pleasure, here are a few with detail shots, ahem.. (please pardon the possible misspellings of names, I’m transliterating from Russian) Kertu Sillaste, View of the Sea (weaving, digital print) (I think this one is my favorite) Ludmila Svarchevska, Pro Anima (tapestry, wool, cotton)Heli Kelt, Lavender (tapestry, wool, linen)Kadi Paupuu, Job’s Exit (wood, linen, digital print) Aune Taamal, Opus 5 (different materials)Monika Yarg, Stone (crochet, acid, cotton, stones) Tiina Puhkan, Ancient Valley (silk painting)Kadri Viires, Castle (diptych) (commercial and handmade felt)Ulle Raadik, Curiosity (diptych)(painting, cotton) Here an overall view of the exhibit..