a quilt exhibit

My Russian quilting friends had an exhibit at a local library which fortunately I had time to attend. The hall was well lit and large, and the work hanging up was delightful. Here is a selection of some of my favorites, mostly edited by my camera's whims.... A very large piece by Natalia Tzvetkova. Dragonflies by Uliana Prishina. These two lovelies by Marina Kaigorodova. City and Citizens by Tamara Gromova. This quartet is Dancing Continents by A. Nikulina. Siesta by Nina Lapteva. Malachite Fairytale by Natalya Loseva. Seed - My Family by Taisia Zotova. Homeland by Taisia Zotova. Bird Bazaar by Eugenia Dvoretzkaia. And this is a most amazing detailed sketch that I could not get a good close up of by Tatiana Bodreeva called Silver Morning.