creative everyday.. a recap..

So that plan of posting everyday during November? Boy can a holiday weekend wreck that.... Although I must admit to have wrecked it even earlier than that..

Well, yes, a recap! It was good to be more attentive to being creative everyday, especially at this point in the year where my daily journaling as sort taken a backseat d
ue my familiarity with it. I have actually been working on my journal sketches daily this month, unlike October when I frequently made up for several days at once. I went back to watercolors in order to keep the glue of my temporarily manicured fingernails. Of course I still have today's sketch to do, but that's OK, I still have quite a few hours in the day to squeeze that in!Ever since my previous post on my friends wedding in Central Park (when I neglected to take a picture of the bride's totally fabulous shoes!!) the days have been a whirlwind of family and friends and comings and goings. Just as a Thanksgiving weekend should be, right? We had my niece's Christening on Thanksgiving day. What a precious little being she is! My friend Katya painted an icon of her saint that I neglected to photograph, sorry. My parents were here, are still here, for a long weekend, so there was time to be spent with Babushka and Dedushka for my girls. And Sunday we managed to see my niece/Goddaughter again for her first communion, yes we do things a bit differently in Russian Orthodoxy. And despite all that I have finished off a 3D little art project too. That's the blue detail you see above. I started working on a tutorial that I'll have to keep secret for just a bit longer. And from now till the end of January I must concentrate on the Russian School Christmas play costumes. The play isn't till the 24th of January, which is why it keeps going on my artistic back burner...