2009 a year in review...

Let's start with the easy part.. the sketch journal review! I took the time after finishing the last journal sketch today to put together this collage of all my journal sketches for the year..(it was a good way to pass the time while waiting for a plane to land..ahem..) Of course going through them one by one made me want to make different arrangements of them: abstract, pattern, shoes, leaves, doodles... maybe one day when I am delusional or have lots of time to waste I'll do that. Doubtful!
Anyhow, I am glad to have this project completed, it feels like a good accomplishment. And at the same time I wish I was a bit more relaxed about it and skipped a few days.. When I try this again (in a few years) I'll try to remember that!
Wishing you all again a wonderful Happy New Year full of health, happiness and creativity!!! Thank you for reading this blog!
Now off to celebrate!!!