I have finished two pieces last year that I was quite happy with and declared complete. I never posted them here as they were for a group exhibit originally, but that never happened. So I have had them pinned to my design wall all these months... a mistake probably as it gave me time to ruminate on them. And they started feeling incomplete.
I could not put my finger on what exactly was incomplete about them, but all of a sudden they started feeling
unfinished. And then it came to me! They didn't want to hang just simply from a bar in a sleeve, they wanted to be attached to a canvas! Yes! They did tell me so, well... not in so many words, but they did...
Here's how they looked the first time I finished them.
I ran to my local art store and bought gallery wrapped canvases. First I sponge painted them with an ecru color acrylic. Nah... didn't do a thing. Then I remembered the pattern paper scraps I saved from a long ago clothes making session. Decoupage! Now things were cooking... Here they are on my work table while being stitched and glued their decoupaged canvases. Here's another close up. And here they are finally finished for real this time! I think they look rather happy on their new canvases. They make me happy anyway...Zhenschina/Woman 1 Litzo/Face

So... am I the only crazy artist out there, who months later decides to rework their pieces? Please calm my fears and tell me you do it too!