Update Tuesday evening: all ACEO's are given away! the correct answer is dryer sheets! Thank you for playing!Last week I had a little Twitter conversation with Heather of Katonah Green. She runs this cool website that talks about sustainable living, organic foods, recycling, re-purposing, in other words all stuff that I connect to. The conversation led to me posting a picture on her Facebook page, since I use recycled materials in my art. One thing led to another and all of a sudden there was a contest going on! I challenged people to guess what material was in the picture and the winner would receive an ACEO (Art Card Editions or Originals). The contest was over within the hour on Twitter as a fellow fiber artist guessed correctly... so why am I rambling on about this? Oh yes, because I did not have a promised ACEO to send out... Yesterday I pulled out my stack of textured paper ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) and got to work. I doodled in the style I usually doodle in my journals - a wash of watercolor and tiny doodles with a Pigma pen. Very fun and relaxing, and so addictive that I could not stop just at one. Oh and to make them different I added a free-motion machine stitch to the cards before I started doodling, just to remind myself that a sewing machine is one of my favorite tools. If you'd like to learn more about my doodling, ahem, I mean journaling, I'll be teaching a workshop at Create (see side bar). Now I have an ACEO to send to my friend and a few extra's to spare.

Who's up for a contest? First five people to correctly identify the material in the picture at the top of the post will receive one of these ACEO's as a prize. They measure 2.5"x3.5". Leave a comment, lets' have some fun!