Sinii Granat

Back in the Culture House was an exhibit of this amazing group three of artists, the collective called Blue Pomegranate. You can read all about them on their very well put together website, I will just show you the artworks I fell in love with.

I enjoyed viewing Isabella Baikova's sense of humor. Her cartoon style of drawing with a needle is fun to look at and to discover all the hidden jokes. This piece called "The Theatre" was hard to walk away from, so many details to notice.
I enjoyed her take on the fairytale "Snegurochka/Snowmaiden". So interesting that she chose to show Snegurochka already melted. And the reflections of the trees in water are maidens.
Her whimsical portrayal of Slavic fairy tales in "Slavic Carpet" made it a joy to look at.
"Dream of a Tower" had a lovely mystical feel to it. The size of all her works is astonishing.. and when you visit her site, make sure to watch her interview with Bonnie McCaffery. And see the gallery pictures of "Snegurochka" and "Slavic Carpet" to see her process from sketch to fabric.

Irina Voronina's art quilts have a very ethereal quality to them that belies their size. I was mezmerized by "Cathedral". Irina interpreted the the soul grabbing feeling one has when he or she experiences the wonder of a great Russian Orthodox cathedral.
...and "White Night". This piece is inspired by the geographic phenomenon that happens in St. Petersburg in June and July, the sun doesn't set till midnight and the city takes on a magical quality that has to be witnessed. It is obvious that the artists love for this city is captured in this work. Maybe that's why I connected to it so much, connected by my own love for this city...

Ulyana Trishina is a Gatchina native, who now resides in St. Petersburg. Her work is very precise and elegant, and of a smaller more intimate stature then her two friends. I enjoyed the delicate details of "Rotonda", especially the lace architecture.
"Breeze" was just that - a breath of fresh summer breeze.
And "Blue Dragonflies" had so many hand stitched details and beads, lovely.