Today we hung our exhibit at the Mahopac Public Library. I've exhibited there before with my fab FANE group, which is what gave me the idea to put together a two person exhibit there with Katya. It turned out to be a sort of a retrospective of our work, as we both exhibited older pieces and created brand new work that debuts here.
I think it turned out pretty well as Katya and I are very different artists. Mainly because I work in textiles and mixed media and she in paint and pencil. But also our styles are quite different, Katya is very representational and I am not quite so shall we say... It took us longer than I expected to hang the work (thank goodness my husband decided to work from home and pick up the kids!) as we had a lot to hang and a lot to coordinate. This wall has my new St. Pete Lace/Piterskoie Kruzhevo pieces that I will blog about in detail at a later date. We split up the wall space evenly between us and used one large wall to show case our work together. I think it turned out pretty nice! This gallery is really a lovely space with plenty of natural light. Now I hope you can all make it to our artist reception on November 14th from 1PM to 5PM! The exhibit will up for the whole month of November, so please visit if you are in the area. And if you are visiting do give me a shout and I'll meet you there to give you a personal tour if you cannot make it to the reception!