time to share new artwork

I am honored to report that a new piece of mine was chosen to be part of SAQA: Beyond Comfort exhibit. This piece is somewhat a departure for me, less hand stitching, no lace, sort of raw. Raw. I like that term, I like that feeling, I think I have accomplished that in this piece. But perhaps 'raw' is why I have not wanted to share it earlier. Even or especially after it was rejected from QN... I have new ideas swirling in my head about this raw concept, hopefully I'll get a chance to work on them in the new year. So... my new raw piece here... I have in the last two years brought back from Russia quite a few of my grandmothers' and my aunts' linens. Nothing fancy, just regular, well used, holey kitchen towels, bed sheets and other house hold linens. Somewhere deep inside I knew how I would use them in my art, but it took quite a bit of laundering and ironing (fondling) before I knew how to proceed. This triptych is my first stab at it. I dug out three similar kitchen towels and a photograph that I took inside one of the thousands of St. Petersburg courtyards. I love the difference between the street facade and the interior courtyard facade of the buildings there. No ornament, no nice paint job, crumbling stucco on the inside, in the contrast to the fancy outside, yet still a certain proud demeanor. This piece needed poetry. Poetry specifically about St. Petersburg. Poetry by someone who loves this city as much as I do. Didn't take much searching on my part. Anna Akhmatova is well known and beloved. Her deep words cover almost the entire surface of my work. Piter 4 triptych.