the sketchbook project

I signed up for the Sketchbook Project way back in beginning of summer. I thought - what a perfect project to bring with me to St. Petersburg... hah! The book traveled with me to Russia, to Chicago, to Vermont, to North Carolina and did not acquire a single doodle! All my other sketchbooks got worked on, drawn in, doodled in. I even taught a journaling workshop! Nope. Nada. Nothing for this sketchbook....

Why? I do not know. Maybe it required the push (shove?) of the impending deadline? The rush (exhilaration?) of several projects d
ue at once? Perhaps... that is exactly what it needed.

So now in the mad holiday rush it is being diligently worked on, sharing the time allotted to it with a gazillion of other projects that are due NOW! I have never worked on a whole book at once. All my
other sketchbooks (there are several) are worked on one page at a time, maybe a few pages at a time, but never the whole book at the same time. I am enjoying this challenge to myself. I am working on the book intuitively, just following the muse/book and doing what she thinks I should. First I played with some glue dribbles, thinking they might provide interesting resists. So far nothing too exciting. Then I took out my watercolors and colored all the pages in washes of color, patterns and swirls, using brushes and sponges. Then I took the book apart, feeling the need to iron all the pages smooth before going further. Once I had them so smooth I just had to try printing on them. So I did and lost a few pages in the process due to printer acting up. Then I decided it was time to engage my sewing machine. Free-motion on paper. That was fun! Now I am in the process of putting the book back together. Stitching the pages back in order. I think I will glue a few things in to it now and do some doodling. Be back later with an update!