journaling 2011

After much pondering, changing my mind several times and thinking of forgetting all about it, I have decided in the nick of time (12-31-10, 11:30PM to be exact) just how I was going to be journaling in 2011. I have been inspired by many in my choice. Two were Melly Testa and Kristin La Flamme, who I almost joined last year in the 30 sketches in 30 days project. But life was too crazy and I filed the idea away. Another is Paula Kovarick. Paula is the ultimate doodler. She invited me to participate in one of her doodle exchanges last year and I been always amazed at how she transforms her doodles into wonderful patterns and art. Perhaps I'll come up with a fun pattern too..
So I decided to start the year with 30 doodles on fabric in 30 days. I am following the basic premise of the project Melly did, that is line drawings on fabric with pen. This will work very well for the month of January as I expect to not have much breathing room this month, with Russian Orthodox Christmas on the 7th and then full speed ahead for finishing of the costumes for the Russian school play. After that I am leaving it open for whatever floats my boat and whatever time allows. I may decide to start adding stitches or paint or who knows what. I will stick to fabric as base and the size will remain manageable 6"x6" for cohesiveness of it all. That's the plan!Here's my start: Of course I could not start with plain cotton. I had to choose silk habotai. Ripped into 6"x6" squares and doodled on with Pigma pens. At first I didn't like the way the pens bled on silk, but now I am embracing it. 1.1.11 1.2.11 1.3.11
How are you journaling this year?