Just a quick update on journaling for the month of January. I have been keeping up with my drawing on fabric and used up the rest of my silk habotai, had to use poplin for the last day. I have figured out how I want to contain my journals for this year and ordered the needed supplies. When they get here and I play and really figure it out, I shall share.

I have also decided to do something different every month, as in trying out a different technique or a product for each month. There are so many things out there I have always wanted to try and never have. I figured this would be a perfect way to do so. January was the month of Pigma pens (not new to me, but easy for the stressful month in my life), February is fabric markers, March will be Tsukineko inks. I already decided to try discharge, gutta resist, and flower pounding in the summer. What do you think I should do? All suggestions are welcome and I have a feeling I am going to have a hard time narrowing down to twelve (er.. ten)!