bleach in April

I decided that for my April journaling challenge I will experiment with discharge. I have only played with bleach a tiny bit in the past and had always wanted to experiment some more. So now is that experimenting time. Off to the local quilt shop I went looking for some solid cottons. Silly me had no idea how hard it would be to find them...
I settled on four dark colors I thought would probably discharge well. 

So far I am not too impressed with the way this dark brown is discharging, but I do like the teal green that is making an appearance. I would like some more drama please! 

For a few days I will experiment with leaving the dishwasher detergent and bleach pen on longer, and putting on more layers. I am looking forward to trying out some shibori like attempts at my little squares soon too. Oh and my new thermofax screens will probably work well also. Any suggestions and tips are welcome! What can I do to achieve more drama?