new work!

The opening reception for the Art Bazaar exhibit went off without a hitch! There tons of people there and the fabulous corner location was perfect for walk-ins on a balmy Friday night. Best part - seeing lots of good friends, some that I have not seen in a long long time; second best part - seeing a few red dots even before the opening (you go Kate!).
So now that the social madness is over I thought I'd show you the two pieces that I created specifically to debut at this exhibit and teased with the details in the last post. Here they are: 
Piter's Rooftops 1 
and Piter's Rooftops 2

I tried to photograph my process of creating these pieces, but of course the deeper I got into them, the less photos I took. So.... here is the progress of Piter's Rooftops 1. 
I started with one of the many photos I took of the rooftops of St. Petersburg, Russia this past summer. I cropped and sized and manipulated the photo in Photoshop®, printed on silk organza, pieced, layered on vintage lace curtains (my grandmother's) and silk habotai. That's what you see at the top of this composite. 
Next I put the pedal to the metal and "drew" all the important lines with black silk thread. Since I did not use a stabilizer, the thread tension naturally gathered the fabric and "shrank" my composition (I knew this was going to happen, counted on it and calculated for it). That wonky second image is the result of these shenanigans. 
Next, I pinned my cloth to a balsa wood board, picked out the colors of the cotton variegated thread and started stitching. A work out for the calluses on my finger tips. I worked all the excess fabric into grooves, flattening the gathered areas.
This is when I started forgetting to take photos of my progress even as I remembered to take the detail shots...oh well. There you have the final image. I stretched the stitched cloth over wood stretcher bars, wrapping the fabric all the way around. I didn't piece, just wrapped tightly and trimmed away the excess as I hand stitched everything into place.

There you go... my process... whatcha think?