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Finally! Life has been a crazy whirl wind of activity (end of school year activity, birthday party activity, packing for camp activity, finishing touches activity), so it feels good to have a completed artwork to share. If you have the latest copy of In Stitches emag, you know how this piece started. I shared some early/mid stages of stitching in progress.

There is quite a bit of personal "stuff" attached to this work. The linen cloth belonged to my grandmother, I painted it with neo-color crayons while in Russia last summer and ripped it to pieces. This spring I put it back together with the help of painted dryer sheets, silk organza, some free-hand machine embroidery and a lot of hand-stitching, a lot. Old linen is such a joy to hand stitch...
Crimson Little Flower 8 / Аленький Цветочек 8