a retreat...

Back in mid July I hosted a leeeetle art retreat in my home. A few friends (Kristin, Robin, Deborah) came to stay with me and one (Vivien) came over daily. We had an incredible time chatting, sharing, stitching, discussing, brain storming, viewing, you name it. We had a get-together with a few other local artists and shared some more. We went into Manhattan and saw various exhibits and some fabric and notion shopping. It was like a gigantic playdate for artists!
clockwise, art by: Kristen La Flamme; El Anatsui; Rayna Gillman; A-POC
Clockwise, art from: Metropolitan museum of Art; MOMA; MOMA (Gilbert and George); Metropolitan Museum of Art
The whole time was wonderfully exciting, deeply thoughtful and truly inspiring. I highly recommend regular get-togethers with kindred souls for general well being!