rockstar boro

When Melly Testa started her Rockstar boro project earlier this month and called for people to join her, I jumped! Of course I didn't really have the understanding of what boro was... I have had a vintage 60's coat dress that I overdyed waiting for me to work on it in my studio for a while now. But that wasn't boro! It didn't need mending, just embellishment. A bit deflated at first, I went digging in my mending bin (it's quite large, as I tend to avoid mending at all costs) and there were my favorite jeans that were already in a state of boro! 
You see I had loved these jeans so much that I actually patched them when they first ripped at the knee. Just a piece of muslin at the back and some plain stitches with a variegated thread. Little did I know that it was beginnings of boro! Then the jeans ripped again and into the mending basket they went; I must have had a different favorite pair of pants then, as they laid forgotten for a while. 
So now I have them out and I dug through my scraps to pull out a few that spoke to me... 
Then I edited them. I'll get to stitching soon... Now I want to wear these jeans - they still fit!