texture details..

It was very hard to separate texture into a different category from all the other stimulation of Fiber Philadelphia. How do you separate texture from the stitched line in textile art? Is it the roughness of it? The addition of paint? The multitude of stitches? The layers of fabrics? All of the above? These textural details stood out to me..
detail of War Sucks by Kristin La Flamme at AQE
detail of Chinmoku: Silence by Shin-hee Chin at AQE
detail of Not the Best Day in Pisa by Ilene Pearlman at AQE
detail of 48 Prophets by Jason Pollen at Distinguished Educators at the Crane
detail of Permutations by Dianne Koppisch Hricko at the Crane
detail of Words 4 by Jette Clover at the Highwire Gallery
detail of Stone Lanterns, Lingering Images, Japan by Patty Hawkins at the Highwire Gallery
detail of White Wall 10 by Jette Clover at AQE
detail of Quilt Book by Abigail Kokai at AQE