in progress

Everything is state of progress around here. I suppose it's better than a stalemate, right? 
pom poms to be
pom poms almost done
I've got pom poms being made for Russian dance costumes, they'll go on the headdresses. 
start of a new piece!
putting the pedal to the metal
keeping things in check
I've got three new 12"x12" pieces started, all based on cathedrals of St. Petersburg, Russia. I laid out the bits and pieces of fabrics, trapped them with netting and got them ready for some "pedal to the metal" free-hand machine stitching. What I am really looking forward to is hand stitching on all three of them. Not all at once......really. And if by some miracle I get one of them done before the end of the month, I'll have a donation for the annual SAQA auction. 

Meanwhile I have updated my website AND decided it was time for a re-design. The re-design will take a looong time, I am giving myself permission to take my time and not rush through any decision making and take the time to re-learn the software too. I just got an update, so things should be humming along. I'll let ya know how that goes....

I have also started prepping for my workshops at the Create Retreat in New Jersey in July. Looking forward to teaching new stuff and meeting new people!

BUT! This weekend, if you are in the NY tri-state area, please stop by the little town of Katonah in Westchester County and see the Northern Star Quilt Guild exhibit. My totem will be part of a special display by Fiber Arts North East. I cannot wait to see a room full of 18" by 8 foot! totems. Picture opportunity indeed!