no one reminded me...

Actually, I lie... Vivien reminded me. But once is not enough for me apparently. I finally remembered on my own and yesterday "uncorked" my treasures. Back in November (!) I did a little nature dyeing experiment based on a book by India Flint. Luckily I was not greeted with any foul smells, just a slight whiff of vinegar. No mold was noticed anywhere. Here's what I saw:
my rubber bands puffed up to look like ramen noodles and lost all their elasticity
before the reveal
the orchids disappointed me...
definitely will need to add some more surface design
onion skins were a lot more exciting!
deep rich color!
here they are next to each other, I think the delicate details are growing on me...
 Now the directions say to let the fabric cure for as long as possible. No problem! How about the whole summer? I have them hanging on a line in my studio, where I am sure they will be easily forgotten as summer activities overtake my life. When I remember them in September, I'll add something else from my kitchen. This promises to be the longest nature dyeing experiment ever, but hey at least I'm trying it... Now will someone remind me again? Please?