a year in review

Aaahhh.... The last day of 2012. How did it get here so quickly??? Well... how ever it did that, I am glad that it's here and I am looking forward to 2013. And that means it is time for the artful year in review. 

As I perused my records (or I should say my photographs), I see that I have only created nine artworks this year, only three of them rather large. That word - only - it's bothering me in that last sentence.... Seven out of those nine are intensely hand stitched, which makes them intensely labor intensive. I like that word - intensely. And the other two are quite large and intensely machine stitched. Works out pretty even as far as labor intensive me thinks, no?

Anyhow, instead of loading this post with pictures of art you have already seen (and one that you haven't seen because it's a secret), I decided to create a slide show of the details of those artworks. Some are in progress details, most are the final details. And most are already up on my website, others will be soon. Enjoy!

Here's wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!