Costumes, costumes, costumes galore!! Yup, this is the long awaited annual costume post. Usually I post about the costumes I am working on as I am working on them, but this year time just got away from me. So to make up for the delay I bring you so many photos that they'll take up three blog posts. This is part 1.

For our Russian school play this year we chose Sadko. Sadko is actually a very ancient story, sort of a Russian mythology, an epic poem. Our play was based on the story and music of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's opera Sadko.

Our story contains many fantastical characters, but I will start this by showing you the people of Novgorod where the story starts and ends.

Sadko the Rich Guest - our title character in my sketch
and here he is on stage
Sadko's crew
on their ship
and taking a bow
the town leaders in concept
and reality
the town folk
merchants and buyers
helping catch fish
checking out the action
listening to Sadko speak
laughing at his boasts
Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I need to tell you that I did not make all these costumes! I had the most fabulous team of dedicated volunteers. The traditional Russian costumes are most reused from our older plays, just need to be reconfigured and only the new specialized costumes need to be made. Still plenty of making though! 

In the next post I'll get to the fancier characters of the story.