to get going.... It always happens...after a big project is done, there is a bit of downtime needed to gather my thoughts, clean up, organize before I start on the next big thing. It's been a week. The studio is mostly cleaned up. The pictures looked at, posts written about the project. Previous, unfinished, neglected projects are unearthed. Household routine is begun anew....  and yet.... I cannot get started on the creative to do list. I have purposefully kept it fairly short and sweet, thinking it would make it easier to get back in... but so far no go.

What to do? What to do?

I have decided to concentrate on refilling my so called creativity tank. I am perusing the gazillion or so art magazines I have put aside for when I would have time to read them; reading my favorite artists blogs; trying out new slow cooker recipes; scrolling through online emags; trolling Pinterest and Instagram; updating my bio/resume/workshop descriptions AND reevaluating my self imposed artistic goals. Perhaps a few days of this navel gazing will push me over the edge and into actual creating. 

For now.... a deep breath.....ooommmmmm...... 

and just so I don't leave you without any of visual stimulation...
a bit of rainy windshield iPhone photography