glass bridge

I have been teasing friends on my FB artist page with peeks at this piece for too long... I thought I was done - the piece didn't agree with me. It demanded more hand stitching. I obliged. Now I declare it finished and can move on to it's sibling and/or a myriad of other projects waiting in the wings...
layers of plastic and thread

I am back to serious recycling mode here. Plastic bags are such a scourge... I try to mostly use fabric bags and recycle the plastic ones properly according to town regulations. But I always worry that they are still just being thrown in the dump. So I am doing my teeny tiny little part of keeping the plastic out of the environment by using it as art material. 
who will recognize this bridge I wonder?
The plastic bags do present such interesting transparencies for layers of colors and shadows that I am thoroughly enjoying playing with them. And by adding some free-motion machine stitching, followed by hand embroidery - well... what more can I ask for?? This is right up my alley of artful enjoyment!
Glass Bridge 12"x12" ยฉNatalya Aikens