quilt national

I am awed, humbled and verklempt....

Friday night was the opening of Quilt National'13 and I was there!!! Got there with car tires screeching and flustered, barely making it, but I got there! What a fabulous exhibit, what amazing works of art... and I still can't believe that I am part of it all.... But! Here's photographic proof!
me... like a deer in headlights... thanks Deidre Adams for the pic!

I wish I could have stayed for the whole opening weekend and been able to soak in everything at leisure. But alas I had to drive home Saturday morning. I stood with my jaw hanging open looking all the details of the stunning artwork, was star struck by all the artists that I met, artist friends that I was so happy to see again and all the other artists that I just a caught a glimpse of... oh well...  I will now be reading and re-reading the QN catalogue cover to cover.. and savoring the few signatures I collected.

Meanwhile I can finally reveal my work that has been under wraps for so long! Here is The City:
The City detail ©Natalya Aikens. Recycled paper was a large part of this piece.
The City detail ©Natalya Aikens. Bubble wrap made an appearance.
The City detail ©Natalya Aikens. More recycled paper, this time thick package wrapping.
The City ©Natalya Aikens
For a few more detail shots visit my website here.