ready for viewing

My commissioned artwork number two is done! It took longer than the first, because it asked for a lot of hand stitching. As a matter of fact I thought this piece would be entirely hand stitched up until the near end. Then the art demanded a sky and the sky demanded a tree, and there I was playing with tulle and free-hand machine embroidery. 

Here are a few details to tease, followed by the full image. I am quite happy with the way this has turned out, if I do say so myself. I am especially pleased with the way the maps peek out, and if you concentrate, you can read names of places between the stitches.
chimney through the leaves
bay in the sky
piney woods behind the windows
entrance station through the front door
sea lion rocks by the stone wall
Santa Lucia © Natalya Aikens 2013
What do you think? It's so totally different from the other that I am sort of surprised. But at the same time, I am not surprised at all as the ephemera I was given was so different too. That's the part I really love about this new challenge, each one is guaranteed to be completely different from the other...On to the next one now!