here we go!

Another challenge for moi, and I do love a good challenge. I have another home portrait commission and the choices are tough here. The home belongs to an artist with a strong point of view. She sent me a box full of treasures, tons of pictures, fabulously patterned fabrics and papers and books.. We belong to the mutual admiration society, I love her work, how do I not let it influence me on this home portrait when I know she wants my artwork...
There is the beautiful home
The gorgeous gardens
The lovely studio
and the ephemera, oh the ephemera....
fabrics with tons of color, patterns, papers and notebooks..
graphic card stock and jeans
old leather work gloves
precious handwork details
How will I ever winnow this down? How will I make a decision when I love everything? Lots of pondering shall take place.... I do know that the color choices have been made for me and that's a good thing!