something new

The other day I finally finished a new piece that has been waiting in the wings for it's final stitches. As usual I have multiple projects going, when I am not in the mood to stitch on one, I go stitch on the other. So now this other is ready to be seen.

I have kept up with my current obsession of stitching on plastics, but this time I have trapped newsprint in between and I love how it faintly shows through the different shades of plastic bags.
silk thread for the fire escape
acrylic painted edge
another close up
Green News 12"x12" © Natalya Aikens 2013
Now I need to figure out which piece I am in the mood to stitch next. The small multi-layered heavily hand stitched one or the large plastic one in need of tons and tons of machine embroidery? hmmm....