fast fashion

I heard about this research on NPR and then saw the video... it captivated me. As a former designer for the mass-market fashion industry I can relate - cheap clothing+fast turn around=big headache. Take a look for some interesting numbers and if nothing else then the fun doodles.

How does this relate to my art you ask? Well, more and more the materials for my art are becoming recyclables. Right now I am working on a piece that will be composed of 100% plastic shopping bags, except for the thread, as I haven't figured out how to use recycled thread yet. So this video really spoke to me, the fashion industry produces an incredible amount of waste... what can be done about it?

Perhaps someday the discarded clothing that used belong to me and my family will become material for my art. That'll just make the tiniest dent in the pile.....
PS here's where to go find out more about the people putting this together.