That's the status of my latest home portrait! Phew! This one asked for a LOT more hand stitching than I initially expected, thus the longer time frame. Well, that and life's interruptions too. But it is done and here for viewing and on it's way to it's owner very shortly. A few details to share first:
loved this handwritten quote
house arches
it takes a special person to live with a legs statue in the garden
it was a lovely diversion to stitch so many flowers
The owner of this home provided me with any wonderful fabrics and papers. In the end I am glad that I chose to use more fabrics than papers as it made the intense hand stitching much easier. She also provided me with a gazillion photos to choose from for the composition, winnowing them down was challenging. So many photos of the luscious gardens that I just had to include as many flowers as possible and thoroughly enjoyed stitching them.
Memphis 2013© Natalya Aikens
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Thank you for coming along on this journey!