where's the art?

It feels like it has been ages since I've posted a new artwork here. Actually that is the reason for radio silence (aside from Wordless Wednesdays), I have been on a mission to finish the latest piece.  And it's the first large art of this year too, 36" tall and 68" wide..  previous pieces have all been 14" and under. You saw a peek of it here, and then I didn't share much as it was a precarious route from there to here. I went from one color scheme to quite another, and if you follow me on FB or Instagram, then you might have seen a few colorful peeks. But I didn't share much more as I felt sort of vulnerable, I was in uncharted territory.

Enough of that! Here it is starting with a few details:
buildings behind beams
a wider view behind the cables
the bridge rises
I challenged myself to make it it completely out of plastics. Not a swatch of fabric to be had. Plastic shopping bags for the color, plastic woven packing material for the base, plastic packing material for the batting, plastic drop cloth for the backing. All used and recycled by me. It'll last several lifetimes and probably never decompose. Aside from the new cotton and rayon thread for pretty intense thread-painting. And a bit of acrylic paint for a bit of pop.

Sunrise © Natalya Aikens 2013
Click on the image to see it larger.

I heading back to the studio to work on the next bridge piece, wonder what color it will be? By the way - does anyone recognize the bridge above? Just curious if my rendition is close enough.....